Week 4 Summary

This week we worked on the video portion of our class. From the start of the class when I saw we’d have a week dedicated to video I was immediately excited and couldn’t wait till we reached the section. We learned how to read a movie, looked at videos of film scenes, and created a few of our own videos. A few years ago (when I had a whole lot more time on my hands) I loved spending my spare time putting together videos me and my friends had taken and adding music and different effects.

I really enjoyed creating my own videos but I think one of my favorite assignments from this week was the ‘Look. Listen. Analyze.’. At first glance I didn’t think I would notice that many difference by watching and listening but I went ahead and followed the assignments instructions. Once I started, I was amazed at how many differences I noticed in the different ways I analyzed the video. Once I re-watched the video normally at the end, many of the differences I noticed really stood out and at some parts gave a much different perspective of the scene itself. Something I found interesting was learning how to read a movie. The many ways that the rule of thirds are used in movies, and how even the side of a room a person is standing on or how they’re standing can change how the character is viewed was really interesting to read about, it brought many movie scenes into a whole new perspective.

This week I also took some time to review some of my classmates websites and posts. Like I had mentioned previously, it’s nice look at other people’s assignments and see how they interpret things and their point of view especially on the look listen analyze assignments. I’ve also been receiving a lot of positive feedback on my blog posts which have been encouraging.


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