Week 3 Summary

Week 3 of this course consisted of learning about audio. At first glance it made me a bit nervous (I’ve never worked with audio before), but once I jumped in I started to enjoy myself. I feel very confident in the work I created this week and believe I met all the requirements.

The first troubles I ran into were for some of the audio assignments. I had initially wanted to create something with music but kept running into copyright issues. After some playing around I found other audio assignments I was able to execute without copyright issues by using https://freesound.org that I thoroughly enjoyed doing.

What I enjoyed most this week were listening to the different stories. At first I was unsure if I was going to like ‘Moon Graffiti”, but within seconds of it starting I was sucked in. I enjoyed it so much I’ve actually been recommending it to other people for them to listen to! I also really enjoyed listening to the other audio story ‘Octomom’ that I came across, it was an enjoyable interesting story that was educational at parts as well.

I learned that there are many different elements of audio and that you can create many different things with just a few things. I think one thing I would do differently is try different ways to complete something with music rather than just sounds.

This week I also spent some time reviewing some of my classmates websites and some of their recent work. I made a some comments to their work and linked which sites/assignments I made comments to. It was nice to see the assignments from other people’s perspectives and what their take/thoughts were on it.

All around I really enjoyed this section! Below I will have all of this weeks work.

Glass & Abumrad Reflection:

Listening Stories:

Moon Graffiti:


TED Radio Hour & ScottLo Summary:

Audio Stories:

Happy Halloween (in July)!:

A Time To Relax:

Let’s go on a hike!:

Daily Creates:


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