Week 1 Summary

This week was a really good start into the class. The end of week assignments that were visual were really excited. I personally love photography whether it’s taking it or looking at it. I believe I completed this weeks assignments well and I’m proud of the work I produced. I enjoyed the visual assignments that we got to choose from the visual bank. There were so many options to choose from but it was fun to be able to pick something I felt connected to as an assignment. I also really enjoyed the photo safari. Having a short time period where you have to think creatively to get out of the ordinary pictures was really fun. This is the kind of assignment that I would really enjoy doing again in the future. I think something I might do differently is maybe to have chosen something from the visual bank that would have involved using photoshop or a similar photo editor. Photoshop isn’t a strong suit of mine but it’s something I want to improve on. All-in-all I believe this to have been a successful first week of class!

Links to this weeks assignments:

Photo Safari:

Photo Safari Gallery: http://marylizabeth.com/ds-106/assignments/visual/photo-safari/

Photo Safari Reflection: http://marylizabeth.com/ds-106/assignments/visual/photo-safari-reflection/

Daily Creates:

Food: http://marylizabeth.com/ds-106/daily-creates/daily-create-1/

Movie Poster: http://marylizabeth.com/ds-106/daily-creates/daily-create-2/

Plants: http://marylizabeth.com/ds-106/daily-creates/daily-create-3/

Visual Assignments:

Your Love For Your Pet Or Any Other Animal That You Love: http://marylizabeth.com/ds-106/assignments/visual/true-life-im-obsessed-with-my-dogs/

That’s Not What I Expected: http://marylizabeth.com/ds-106/assignments/visual/can-you-guess-what-this-is-3-stars/

Places Of Peace: http://marylizabeth.com/ds-106/assignments/visual/at-peace-1-5-stars/

Shadow Of A Doubt: http://marylizabeth.com/ds-106/assignments/visual/shadow-of-a-doubt-2-5-stars/

Your Very Own Spubble: http://marylizabeth.com/ds-106/assignments/visual/spubble-hotel-disappointment-2-stars/

Photo Reflection: http://marylizabeth.com/ds-106/assignments/visual/pay-attention-to-the-moments/

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