Final Weekly Summary

For my final week in DS106, I created a digital story that told of how Rapunzel spent her time before she became Queen of Corona.

Before I get started talking about my final project I wanted to take some time to reflect on what I learned from this class over the last five weeks. The first four weeks of the class we covered visual, design, audio, and video and overall I truly enjoyed each and every section. Visual and video were the two I was most excited about because I have the most experience in them, but even though I already had some experience with them I still learned new things. One thing that stood out to me in the video section was learning about how to read a movie. There were things in that article I would have never thought about, like how the rule of thirds can be used in a movie, or how just the placement of a character can give that character a whole different meaning, like if they’re good or bad. Being able to learn those things, then immediately put it to use to analyze scenes from different movies was an eye opening experience and might even change the way I watch movies and see different characters now.

For the design and audio sections those are where I was a little more nervous because I didn’t have much if any experience at all. Once I actually got the the design section I quickly learned that design isn’t just photo shop it’s also looking for design in art or even in street signs. It was a really fun section to work in and taught me to play closer attention to small things like signs or murals. The audio section was a little intimidating but overall I ended up really enjoying it. It seemed that a lot of people that created some of the DS106 audio assignment bank assignments used Audacity to create their audio but I saw a lot of comments that the program can sometimes be a little difficult to use, so with that in mind I decided I would try GarageBand (which is already on my computer) out first and if I didn’t like it I would give Audacity a try. After spending a little time playing around and trying to the different things GarageBand had to offer I picked up the basics pretty quickly and decided I would stick with it. Once I got started I was on a role and enjoyed creating my audio assignments.

If I were to take the class over I think what I would do differently is push myself even harder to create more elaborate assignments, especially in the audio section. While I did push myself to create great pieces of work, I would try even harder to take them a step further to try and create something even better.

For my final assignment, I created a storyline about Rapunzel and how she created a thriving life coaching company in her time before she became Queen of the Kingdom of Corona. I worked on creating a story that would work well with her already created character and something that would match who she is as a ‘person’. She enjoys helping people and wants everyone to love life so I thought her having a life coaching company would be perfect.

Below I will share the links to my final project, the instructional links, and a link that shows which assignment bank assignments I used.

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