Vignelli Canon

I thought this was a really interesting read because when I think of graphic design, I think of it as being something newer, something that came about over the last 20 years or so. I found it to be interesting that in 1965 him and his wife founded Unimark International in Chicago and it did so well that they were able to launch a second Unimark headquarters just a year later in 1966 in New York. Even though his design for the New York City subway is no longer used, when I think of a subway map I’ve never put much thought into who designed it, seeing a subway (or in my case the D.C. metro map) is something you see so often you don’t put much thought into who designed it and how. The last thing that I thought was amazing was that he designed the typeface Helvetica. Once again, a font isn’t something I would ever put much thought into. When I see all the different fonts to choose from apart of me just assumes Microsoft came up with them and that was it, but that’s not the case. For Vignelli, he created a font that is used on a daily basis and it’s a way for his memory to live on whether people realize it or not. Overall I thought this was a really interesting read and it definitely will have me paying more attention in the future to things like subway or metro maps and even fonts! Below I want to share two of my favorite images from the reading!

New York City subway map from 1972
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