Rapunzel’s Life Coaching

Have you ever found yourself wondering what Rapunzel will do with her time before she becomes the crowned Queen of the Kingdom of Corona? Well wonder no more! I’m here to tell you that Rapunzel has been up to many great things and her latest accomplishment is opening a life coaching company that will be run by her and trained life coaches.

After her first experience at The Snuggly Duckling meeting and helping the men realize their dreams, she knew she wanted to spend her time helping others realize and achieve their dreams and goals in life (see video below for her inspiration, video was not created by me).

*Video was not created by me*

To start her business, Rapunzel wanted to create her company name, a logo, and a slogan. She wanted something simple and something that paid homage to her life and where she’s from. The sun has been a very important symbol to the Kingdom of Corona so Rapunzel thought that would be the perfect symbol to represent her company. She chose her slogan because she wants to help people create and live a life that they love.

Website Logo (Design)

Next she wanted to create the perfect flyer to share around the kingdom to the residents to announce the grand opening of her business. She chose this flyer in particular because it uses colors that stand out that could easily grab people’s attention. She made sure to put all the business information on it so people had a way to find and contact the company.

Grand Opening Flyer (Visual)

Besides having flyers throughout the kingdom, she wanted to put out a radio advertisement (audio) to announce an open house she will be hosting on Saturday July 25 from 1-4 pm. Having a radio advertisement is a great way to get the word out announcing an open house. It would have the potential of not only reaching more people in the Kingdom of Corona but it could also have a better chance of reaching people that live outside of the kingdom.

For Rapunzel’s final advertisement she created an advertisement to broadcast on tv. For the advertisement she had some special moments from her previous tv show experience used to showcase just a few aspects of the business and some general information. She thought this would give people a brief glimpse into the work she’s doing and show the many options people will have.

TV Advertisement (Video)

Rapunzel is very excited to start her new adventure. She wants helping people achieve their dreams and goals to be one of her greatest life achievements. Any money that is made from the company will be divided up between the many charities the Kingdom of Corona already has in place and any others that might begin in the future. Once she gets the company up and running she also wants to eventually start holding free events for the community.

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