Photo Safari Reflection

I started this project by deciding which room I wanted to work on. I knew I wanted to pick a room in my house that had many items in it so that way I wasn’t going to be missing too many items, so I chose to work in my kitchen/living room (it’s all basically one big room).

What started as a fun activity turned out to be pretty time consuming where it came to the technical aspect of the assignment. I really enjoyed doing the photo safari. When reading the assignment and saw we were to only give ourselves 15 minutes, I thought “oh this will take no time at all to get these photos done”, but I was wrong. I quickly became concerned with making sure I was taking quality photos that made sense for each of their titles. I wanted to make sure that the lighting was good, the photo was of good quality, and that it was all around good work.

Once I took the pictures, I was ready to create my gallery. That was where the issues began. I quickly figured out how to make a word gallery but for some reason the picture files weren’t uploading. So naturally I turned to my good friend google and started watching some videos. I did a few different things based on what one video suggested (I’ll link the video at the bottom of this post incase it might be helpful to anyone else!) but still wasn’t having any luck. So I decided to try something simple and see if I could take a screen shot of the photo then use the screen shot file to upload and low and behold it worked! Sometimes it can take something simple to fix a problem you might be having, even with technology.

Looking back at the pictures my favorite one is of my dogs (obviously). They are so rambunctious 99% of the time so to even attempt to get them to sit still long enough AND look at the camera at the same time I had to bribe them with treats. I think for this assignment specifically my shadow picture was my most inventive. I didn’t want to put the shadows at the center of the picture (I tend to put the subject of my picture off to the side rather then in the center, habit I suppose). I like the way the shadows are reflecting off the white window sill and contrast with my grey couch.

All-in-all I really enjoyed this assignment. It was fun to have to search in a room that I spend so much time in (especially since the pandemic began) and try to find items that could tell a story through a picture. This is something I enjoy doing again in the future!

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