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For my first assignment from the DS106 video assignment bank, I chose to do the “Time Lapse” video assignment that’s worth 3 stars. I chose this assignment because on any normal day I don’t pay much attention to how much the sky truly changes every hour, so it was really cool to the the changes just one hour can make. To create this video I used the same location every hour (except 2:30 when I was at the grocery store), I stood on top of my deck in my backyard, which is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I chose to do it from my deck because I find my backyard to be very peaceful and thought it would be interesting to see how the sun moves throughout the day. In this case it went from a bright sunny day to actually getting a little bit of rain that you can hear/see in the video. It was also interesting to hear the different background noises that were happening every hour. At a few points you can hear my son, movies, and even the vacuum running in the house. At other points in the video you can hear the birds and even the little bit of rain I caught on camera. It was really fun to see how things change over the course of a day.

Below not only will I share my completed video, but I will also share some simple instructions using iMovie for anyone that’s interested in created their own time lapse video.

Something to keep in mind (which should be obvious), before you start the editing process, to make things easier make sure you’ve already completed all the videos you want/need to compete your project.

Step 1

Step 1, once you’ve opened iMovie, import or drag and drop the videos you plan on using (I personally just drag and drop and put them in chronological order to make things easier).

Step 2

Step 2, once you have all your videos imported and in order, you can play around with their lengths if you need to.

Step 3

Step 3, this is where I added the background for my opening and end credit screens. iMovie has some great title and background options, and they also have a lot of transition option if you want to add transitions between videos (or pictures).

Step 4

For this final step, this is where you’ll export your movie. You can either save it directly to your computer (that’s what I do) or you can upload it directly to popular social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo.

Completed Video:

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