Morning At The Battlefield (5 stars)

For my next video assignment I chose to do the Point of View video assignment from the video assignment bank that was worth 5 stars. I chose this because something consistent I’ve done this summer is being active and going on hikes, walks, or runs, especially in the mornings.

These videos were taken at the First Day at Chancellorsville Battlefield, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I chose this location because it’s close to my house and I love going for long walks in the morning and try to find new places. This battlefield in particular I’ve been to before but just recently started going more often. These videos were fun to take because it gives viewers a short glimpse at just how beautiful nature can be, especially early in the mornings. Below I will share a link to the website for anyone that’s interested in more information on the battlefield itself!

Before we get to the finished product, I will share a few quick instructions on how to create a video like this through iMovie. Let me know in the comments below if you have any comments or questions.

Step 1

Step 1, once you’ve opened iMovie, import or drag and drop the videos (and/or pictures) you plan on using (I personally just drag and drop them and do it in chronological order to make things easier).

Step 2

Step 2, once you have all your videos imported and in order, you can play around with their lengths if you need to.

Step 3

Step 3, this is where I added the background for my opening and end title scenes. iMovie has some great title and background options, and they also have a lot of transition options if you want to add transitions between videos (and/or pictures).

Step 4

For this final step, this is where you’ll export your movie. You can either save it directly to your computer (that’s what I do) or you can upload it directly to popular social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo.

Completed Video:

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4 thoughts on “Morning At The Battlefield (5 stars)”

  1. Hey Mary! I really enjoyed this POV video for the assignment. I also really appreciate the iMovie tutorial. I am someone who has never really tried iMovie out but it doesn’t seem to bad to learn. I’ve actually been to this trail before for a history assignment back in high school! What an amazing place to go and walk the trails. Great Post!

  2. Hi Mary!
    I love that you took something that you have done consistently so it really is your point of view! I have never hiked that trail but have driven by it so I will have to check it out before summer is over! Thanks for the tutorial as well, I am not an expert at editing so all the tutorials I can get helps!


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