Breakfast all day (3 stars)

Morning Cafe

I chose the name ‘MORNING Cafe’ as my face name and made up a menu of all breakfast (I love breakfast food!!). I chose a beach theme because I picture this little cafe located on a boardwalk along a beach. I used MUST HAVE menus to create my own free menu. Below I will share the website along with some simple instructions on how to create your own menu! (website link won’t convert, so here’s the link)

Step 1

Once you’ve decided you’re going to make a menu, the first thing you want to choose is what template you want to use. The website offers many free templates to use with a wide variety of themes.

Step 2

The second step is when you’ll do all of your editing. You can play around with the fonts and graphics. This is also where you’ll edit your menu items along with their description and prices.

Step 3

Finally, the last step is where you will save your menu. The website gives you the free option to download it as a ‘basic image’ but there are other options that you can pay for. And that’s how you can make a free menu!

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