TED Radio Hour & ScottLo

A part of this weeks assignments was to listen to some clips from TED Radio Hour and ScottLo. Below I will share a brief summary and some thoughts I had on each of the segments.

To get things started, I will begin with TED Radio Hour. This first radio clip talked about a robot that was created to help comfort people, and the impactful emotional effect it had on one older woman in particular. When it starts off it just sounds like an ordinary radio story, but it has a mixture of happy and sad elements. The initial background music in the segment gives it a more upbeat feeling and left me feeling happy and optimistic for the story. Right at the 2:11 make, the background music stopped and it was like it drew me in all over again and gave me a feeling that things were turning serious, and left me feeling concerned for what was going to happen next. Then after the briefness of there not being background music, new background music began and it gave me an almost inquisitive feelings, it left me with more questions than when it started.

The next segments I listened to were from ScottLo. The basis of these episodes is that he touches on assignments from the audio assignment back that were completed and submitted by students in DS 106. The first episode he gives an introduction and briefly talks about what he will be using these radio shows for. There were a few things that stood out to me from a few of these episodes.

In episode 8, he starts by talking about how he will be reviewing some assignments and the music he used in the background was comforting. He goes on to say he’s going to go eat dinner then continue with his show. While he was “away”, he had “hold music” playing, it felt almost as if you were actually on the phone and you were placed on a brief hold, and then the conversation started right back up. He goes on to talk about how a student created the sounds he used while he was away, and he even briefly touched on copyrights when it came to creating things like that. He even went on to give a brief WordPress tip that I found to be very helpful. He said when an admin posts, be sure to change the setting so that it shows the name you want to go by rather than just ‘admin’ so people know you’re name when you’re posting.

In episode 9, the introduction music gave it an interesting feel, almost futuristic? I can’t quite put my finger on it. Lastly, in episode 10, I really enjoyed the intro he used. It made me feel as if I was listening to a scene form an old movie. It immediately grabbed my attention and completely pulled me into the episode.

Both of these radio segments gave me ideas for how background music alone can change the feel of a story and the different range of emotions it can elicit from people in just a short amount of time of listening. It also showed me how something as simple as an intro and completely draw a listener in. All of these things will prove useful to me in the coming assignments.

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