This week I came across an audio story on Radiolab about a story of a heroic octopus mom from 2007. I wanted to discuss some thoughts I had on this story but before I do that I’d like to touch briefly on what the story is about. This is the description of the story on the website “In 2007, Bruce Robinson’s robot submarine stumbled across an octopus settling in to brood her eggs. It seemed like a small moment. But as he went back to visit her, month after month, what began as a simple act of motherhood become a heroic feat that has never been equaled by any known species on Earth” (Radiolab, 2020).

When the podcast starts, they begin with a brief introduction of the storytellers and then they dive right into the story with ocean sound effects (my favorite!). They describe the scenery of the ocean (which is very well described if I might add), and they use background music that is a tad eerie but yet somehow inquisitive as well. Once they’ve discovered the octopus, they give a very vivid description of the octopus herself.

As the story goes on, questions are raised in my head but then almost immediately the story tellers will interject and ask questions to Bruce Robinson (whose submarine was being used to see this octopus) and he would answer. Not only was this a story about an octopus mom, but it was also very informative. All of the different background music that they used is very fitting for each part of the story they are telling.

Overall the octopus mom was sitting on her eggs for 4 1/2 years!! I won’t spoil the rest of the story, you’ll just have to listen for yourself! See below to listen to the story, and I will also share the link as well. Enjoy!


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