Happy Halloween (in July)!

For my last audio story, I decided to do something a little bit fun and spooky and complete the Spooky Sounds assignment from the audio assignment bank which was wroth 4.5 stars. Halloween isn’t one of my favorite holidays, and truthfully the only thing I enjoy about Halloween is when horror movies play on tv constantly or more get added to the different streaming services.

I put together I few spooky sounds to create a spooky track. I used https://freesound.org to get my different sounds and I used GarageBand to complete the track. Below I will share a few instructions on how to create this using GarageBand. Scroll to the bottom to listen to the completed piece. Enjoy!

Step 1

Step 1, once you open GarageBand, select ‘audio’, ‘recording’, then hit ‘create’.

Step 2

Step 2, once you’ve made it to this page, you can begin dragging and dropping your audio files.

Step 3

Step 3, once you’ve added your audio files, this is where you can change the length and order of the tracks to fit your needs.

Step 4

In this final step, this is where you can share your music file. GarageBand gives you a few options for sharing (I shared mine directly to SoundCloud).

And now you have your very own Spooky Sounds track!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween (in July)!”

  1. Great job on this audio clip! I have never used GarageBand before, and the step by step instructions made it super easy to follow! I especially loved the distant drum beats near the 1:30 mark.

  2. I really enjoy the spooky sounds you made, I wish halloween was all year. I also liked how easy your steps and screenshots were easy to understand, as well as the badass photo of a pumpkin you chose for your cover picture.


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