A Time To Relax

For my next audio assignment from the audio assignment bank, I chose to do “Create A Place” which is 4 stars. I was initially thinking about ‘creating’ a place like New York City, but then I thought to myself, who wants to sit and essentially listen to car horns, lol. So I decided to think about what’s a place the elicits a feeling of relaxation (for most people at least), and I immediately thought of the beach.

I used https://freesound.org for my sounds and I used GarageBand to create it. Below I will share a few brief instructions on how to create your own place! Scroll to the bottom of the page to listen to the finished product!

Step 1,

Step 1, once you open GarageBand, select ‘audio’, ‘recording’, then hit ‘create’.

Step 2

Step 2, once you’ve made it to this page you can begin dragging and dropping your audio files.

Step 3

Step 3, once you’ve added your audio files, this is where you can change the length (and order if you have multiple) to fit your needs.

Step 4

In this final step, this is where you can share you music file. GarageBand gives you a few options for sharing (I shared mine directly to SoundCloud).

And now you have your own ‘place’ to listen to!

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3 thoughts on “A Time To Relax”

  1. If I ended up doing this assignment, I was going to do the beach as well, but I found another assignment I wanted to do instead. You nailed it though! I love the beach, and just listening to your story relaxed me a lot (especially since I haven’t gone to the beach at all this summer because of co-vid). The only thing I can think of that would have made it more realistic (at least for me) would have been to maybe add sounds of seagulls (I know they are annoying but they are always at the beach) or the sound of someone walking through the sand or building a sandcastle. I loved it though, it makes me want to go to the beach so bad! It was also interesting that you used GarageBand instead of Audacity. Have you used GarageBand before or is that the software you already had downloaded on your computer?

    • Hi Casey! Thank you for your comments! I didn’t think about adding seagulls (it’s really not a day at the beach if you don’t constantly hear them or see them trying to take someones food), I’ll be sure to remember that next time! I used GarageBand because it was already on my computer and I seem to have better luck trying the Apple programs so I figured I’d give it a try before I downloaded something else.

  2. I love the beach as well! I did the same assignment and used beach sounds as well. The only thing I might change if you were to edit your assignment would be to lower the volume of the sound because even if I put my volume all the way down the sound is still very loud. However, the beach is my favorite place to be and I love hearing the sound of the waves for your assignment! Good job!


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